Silvermine Stone Brochure

Silvermine Stone Mortarless Architectural Stone Veneer

Labor Savings - "The World's Easiest Stone to Install"

  • No Mason Needed - Can be installed in any weather
  • Provides Control Over Schedule
  • Fewer Tools Required - Only requires drill and saw
  • Fewer Materials Required - no mortar, WRB, mesh/screening
  • Minimizes Mess - no additional site prep or clean up


  • 24" X 6" Flats - less likely to crack than larger flats during shipping/handling
  • 2" thickness provides strength & durability; lighter product
  • Faster install; no need to "sort" patterns
  • Pre-Cast Corners - creates clean finish on both inside & outside corners
  • Not restricted to "perfect 90 degree" corners
  • Aluminum Flashing System - Silvermine is the only manufacturer with a Patented Flashing System
  • Provides waterproofing and mold/mildew defence without the need for additional water barrier and water channeling
  • "Shingling" effect provides Water Barrier and Four Points of Contact per flat
  • Unlike traditional masonry, can be uninstalled and reused

Profiles, Colors & Accessories

  • 13 Standard Colors, 3 Standard Profiles
  • Variety of accessories provide architectural unity throughout project/property
  • Color Throughout Depth of Stone; not just painted on the surface

State of the Art Manufacturing Process

  • Silvermine Stone Created the Mortarless Cast Stone Industry
  • Can Develop Custom Colors & Profiles to Respond to Changing Market Demands
  • Tenured Installers on Manufacturing Team
  • Short Lead Times, typically able to ship out of stock
  • Custom orders shipped in as little as 10-14 business days

State of the Art Manufacturing Process

  • Fast, Personal Attention; Single Point of Contact from End to End
  • Customer Service Team Empowered to Meet Customer Needs; they know the product and are there to be your advocate
  • ‚ÄčLifetime Limited Warranty